2011 Simbol Design Lavazza GTX-R

Simbol Design has come out with the advanced Lavazza GTX-R, the body is a convertible. The roadster is composed of Carbon Kevlar weighing 1080 kg; while measuring 419 cm in length and 190 cm (front axle) and 198 cm (rear axle) in width. This coupe stands at 98 cm when open and 104 cm when close. The car has a wheelbase measuring 263 cm and runs on a 245/40 R18 front wheel and a 345/30 R19 Michelin at the rear.
The 2011 Simbol Design Lavazza GTX-R is powered by a V12 engine capable to produce 620 hp. It will accelerate to 100 kph from standstill in 4.6 seconds although its top speed has not been disclosed. A tubular steel section joint is reserved for its chassis

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