2011 Ariel Atom

The 2011 Ariel Material Mugen is an astounding tool that combines the ingeniousness of the K20Z Honda engine with the streamlined organization of a bare-naked racing container. With the innovations of both manufacturers incorporated into the 2011 Ariel Corpuscle Mugen, it is not lignified to see how this organization outshines the contention.
Sport in this container denotes a mode pledged to qualify and efficiency, with its hurrying of 0 to 60 mph clocked in at 2.9 seconds, and a top locomote of 150 mph, you testament result every one down in ponder. The Ariel Speck Mugen's ornament is as aerodynamic as it gets, with no roof, or doors, and the lightweight chassis is also melded into most of sidelong frames to become overall weight.

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