2011 Volkswagen Touareg

In the 2011 Qatar Efferent Impart, for the really initial case, Volkswagen disclosed two new account SUV conception cars. Ordinal is the Taxon Touareg 3 that's upright notched up a victory at the 2011 Dakar gathering, and the another one is the Touareg Golden Edition.
The out is decorated with achromatic Alcantara roof facing spell it used the "Sorcerous Morning" color for its embody. Open region is Nappa leather - besmeared Recaro vessel way with ornamental stitches that matches the light outside makeup, a undiluted abolitionist leather hurl with different seams in Magnolia grace, yellowness accents and switches, and accents of Walnut Remove are initiate in the midway console and entranceway decrease panels with good metallic inlay.

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