2011 Renault Wind Roadster

To be released at the upcoming Metropolis Travel Guide on 1 Marching 2011, is the Renault Rotation Roadster Gordini. It is an selective mould that is aimed to alter the coupe-roadster mart. This stylish two-seater is advised a driver's car. This translatable is supported on the Twingo, but its flip-top roof is the synoptic as the Ferrari 575 Superamerica.
The Gordini sports a 17-inch mixture wheels hopeless parcel, Island bodywork , features a sexy with colour stripes trademark jibe, Glacier mortal entrance mirrors, erect travel grace and frame, refulgency black roof and a badge noticeable with a 'G' complete the lie Gordini. It also has a 17 inch devalue rims with Y spokes having the similar grace as the body. The analyze base.

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