2011 Novitec Ferrari California

he newest variant of the Ferrari California, dubbed as RACE 606, has a top speed of 201.95 mph, propelled by a 606 hp supercharged engine. Its action is indeed glorious being fit to strain 62 mph from 0 in little than 3.8 seconds.

Another spectacular movie about this car is its aerodynamic plan. With this stage of performance, it is understandable why the designers of the Move 606 had to change body components that could minify elevate to perfect changelessness at place speeds. The fore and backside spoilers not only concluded the racing await of this car, they also promote to the car's steadiness.
The Canal 606 inactiveness grouping is also arresting. The racing springs drops the car's stage by 35 mm. In rule to pee the car suited for every day use, the hydraulic frontmost rhytidectomy method raises the car by 40mm to pilot qualify bumps and new obstacles. This method is activated with a bingle switch of a secure and the car can reverse to its primary view with other urge of the secure or when the car reaches a velocity of 80 rate.

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